Development of a Website with Visual Appeal


Content plays an important role in successful development of any website. In most of the cases websites are required to be well developed with the visual appeal instead of just the content. Especially when the website is product based completely, the need of visual appeal arises. Visual appeal sometimes work wonders for a business and becomes very influential. It has been noticed that most of the customers tend to buy products which they actually see and like on the websites. Such products may not be what they need really but when they see an image, they tend to make up their mind for buying it. This is how the visual appeal helps in converting just a random visitor into a loyal customer and makes them buy an online product as soon as they look at it.

Automatic Thumbnails

Viewing the images of any website through thumbnails is the simplest way. Thumbnails are very easy and one click operating for viewing the images in a large size. The viewer does not need to know much about coding for doing it as it includes some very simple steps. Designers efficiently display the images for viewing in large size with the feature of thumbnails without making any changes in the page load time. It also lets the user to hyperlink images that would be opened in a new window.

Optimization of the Graphics

If a webpage takes some time to completely load and the website is designed with good graphics then it means that all the hard work of the web designer is wasted. The visitors would not generally like to visit such websites that take a long time to completely load. A much better option for reducing the time of loading of any webpage is to use the FrontPage for saving the images. Saving the images in the standard formats like GIF and JPEG etc is also recommended. With such points in mind, a designer can upload bundle of images efficiently on a website without even increasing the loading time and changing quality of the images.

Alt Tags and Picture Properties

Alt tags play a vital role in the search engine optimization. They are used specifically for giving necessary   content for images. It includes very easy steps which could be easily performed by any lay man. Although some browsers could not load sections of the website’s graphics but the alt tags are easily read by all the search engines.

Photo Editing

It is highly recommended to makes the graphic images apparent and clear in all the browsers. Hiring an expert in photo editing may be helpful for getting prominent and clear pictures having good quality.